8 years ago this week, I had just stepped off the airplane into the unknown. I remember it was rainy and freezing cold. I had no heavy jacket or boots, just my midriff sweater, low waisted jeans and converse. A stereotypical beautiful Italian woman in a matching pink and white suit picked me up, fit everything into a mini audi as big as my luggage and we were off. I remember trying to keep my eyes open in the car as the rain pitter-pattered on the window, so I could take in all I could of the landscape. All I saw were big grey buildings and eventually just lots of fields in the mist. I walked into a “school” an hour later which looked more like a Victorian Age museum, a place from a different time… and this is where my Italian adventure started.

no looking back!

Cyclically 8 years later, I am transitioning again. The house is full of boxes, the cleaning and purifying process of sorting all the accumulated clutter is done, and once again a new adventure is about to begin. After a tumultuous few weeks of uncertainty about whether or not we would have an apartment to move to, we have finally signed the lease today, less than a week till we have to be out of here. That is a whole story in itself!

Even so, I can not wait to start this new journey into the unknown and the start of a better life! For the first time I don’t feel sad to leave or move because I know this is the moment I have been waiting for. Although I wanted to take a jump in the dark and move without having a job, I have kept my Saluzzo teaching job to make the transition a little easier even if it means waking up at 5:30 and taking the bus to school on dark winter mornings. This is a sacrifice that I am willing to make, in order to make my wine dreams come true! Bra…here we come!

changes ahead


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