Well guys I am finally back from our LOOOONGG awaited honeymoon or “luna di miele” as they say in Italy. We planned it all by ourselves and winged it while having a vague idea as to what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go.


I didn’t have high expectations from what I had heard and I was right not to have them. We were there for 1 day and a half and by the end of the second day we were already bored. Trust me..I did my research and there was nothing else left to do and it was still boiling hot in the end of September.


– Immediately get lost in the GHETTO! Immigrant neighborhood, I was the only WOMAN I saw, we got strange looks and had no maps to get out. Thank god it was our first experience and light out.

– Took a walk to the botanical gardens but just found delinquent Greek kids, palm trees and farm animals. Thank god we found 1,20 cent Amstel cans of beer at the kiosks to keep us interested!

– Take a walk in the Plakas area. Get hassled by restaurant owners to the point it makes you want to just get a pita and walk home. Look at tourist souvenir shops lined up one after another. The homemade sandals were pretty cool though.

– Eat at a lonely planet restaurant with everyone else with their books in hand all in different languages marching like ants in the same direction where the book tells them. Myself included. No more lonely planet restaurants!

– Walk back through the ghetto!


– After our suprisingly rich buffet breakfast of GREEK YOGURT! OLIVES! SESAME STICKS! and WATERMELON! oh wait..we can’t forget the omnipresent CUCUMBERS AND TOMATOES! we headed for the Acropolis.

– Walked up to the Parthenon etc. VERY HOT and lots of tour groups. As we are walking up the marble steps we are thinking …ahhh maybe this is the nice part of Athens… it is still not impressive.

– But WOW! Acropolis is spectacular! The contrast between the white columns and the blue skies, being up above the city amongst the Greek ruins. It is almost to incredible to fathom.

– Agora, the ancient market and temple where St. Paul spoke to the townspeople. A little boring even if we knew we should have been more impressed. On to our first Greek lunch!


– The temple of Zeus, we forced ourselves and dragged our feet as the last thing to do and because it was included in our ancient ruins ticket, but this place turned out to be awesome and these columns were ginormous! very impressive! Of course I was reading all the history as we went but I already forget it all … woops!

– hung out on some steps for a while and drank some more 1,20 cans of amstel and people watched until it was time for a taxi to our all night ferry to Crete.


– showers don’t have curtains or glass and they use the tile on the floor as the shower floor. In other words, the water goes everywhere! Umm hello..you created the Acropolis but cannot create an efficient bathroom?

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