BAROLO TASTING ON SAN LORENZO (shooting star night)What better way to spend a summer night than sipping Barolo IN the town of Barolo next to the castle under the starlit sky. Well, unfortunately the sky was not so starlit as the clouds rolled in. That’s why the Barolo factor was so essential to the evening. The tasting was held in the Enoteca Regionale in the cellar of the town’s castle. Old bottles lined up along the sides, cheese trays from the local producer Valle Stura, and a sign that said 15 euros for BAROLO TASTINGS..hundreds of bottles open. WHAT! and not only were they just any barolos, they were docg , the best in the area. Some of these labels I have been wanting to try for years but the price tag was just a little too high for my budget. Tonight, the tasting budget seemed just about right. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I started off at the lower valley table with my camera, wine bottle list notepad with pen, and a salivating palate. There were foreigners all over the place taking advantage of this opportunity with their magazines in hand writing notes on the wines diligently.

My first wine, Vietti, Blek! acidic, tart! but this is BAROLO!? Next one…Rivetto, a better aroma but disappointingly more astringent! This is not going well. I realized that these Barolos were just released and actually too young to be drunk in reality. It is almost a pity to open hundreds of these VALUABLE bottles at this age. But it would be perhaps interesting to take note now of these wines and taste them in a few years and see what the difference is.

I made friends with a girl who was studying to become a winemaker and she steered me in the right direction. I tasted some better wines present that evening (not meaning always)like Marziano Abbona and Borgogno Dario and Cascina Cucco.

Then we moved on to the other table coming from the higher altitude regions like La Morra and Verduno. These wines were notably better and more drinkable. My favorites here were Barale F.lli and Voerzio, DaMilano and Cascina Monastero.

The question is this: perhaps those wines which were notably better now will be overshadowed by the big names on the other table like Conterno, Elio Grasso, Clerico in time. Only time and tasting will tell!

They said that 2006 is good but 2007 will be better as well as 2008 just like the 2000 vintage was.

After 11 or 12 glasses of Barolo last night (i think)haha… this is a ranking of my favorites.

1) cascina cucco(one i had never heard of)

2) abbona marziano e enrico (have previously visited this beautiful winery!)

3)Barale F.lli

4)Cascina Monastero

5) Damilano

6)Rinaldi Giuseppe

7)Cavalier Bartolomeo di Borgogno Dario

8)Germano Ettore


10)Conterno Aldo

11)Clerico Domenico

12)Rivetto del 1902


Che Bella esperienza! only problem is that I am a little slow moving today and that I didn’t get to try all of them!

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