Italy’s Prime Minister is digging himself into a hole again with his off the wall jokes! This time it was considered homophobic and offensive to the gay community as he replied to all the talk regarding a sex scandal with a young 18 year old Morroccan girl named Ruby when he proudly proclaimed, “better to be passionate about beautiful girls than gay!”

I’m not going to get into the scandal, which involved a special phone call to the questura asking to release Ruby after being caught for theft. In the meantime, Ruby told the Carabinieri about exotic tales including the Prime Minister. However, he denies having “relations” with her. NY TIMES ARTICLE

This is after getting into trouble when joking at a youth rally about how young people should go about climbing the career ladder and being successful. His answer to the pretty girls was … to marry for money! GUARDIAN ARTICLE 

I would like to keep this post light, that is why I would rather talk about the jokes than the scandal because they can be just so ridiculous. It immediately reminded me of when he called President Obama “the tanned guy”.

Or the time he compared himself to the Italian Jesus ChristBBC ARTICLE

For as lovely as Italy is, this is who’s representing our country!
Please do not misinterpret me posting these jokes as a support for his statements, I am NO way against, gays or any minority.