Despite Italy’s lack of Christmas lights on the houses and real Christmas trees, I must say I love the “mercatini” during the holiday seasons. These are outdoor markets which are sometimes Christmas themed, antique fairs, or are just simply dedicated to lovely local products. Last week Claudio and I went to the nearby village of Cherasco to check out some old antiques. There were about 500 bancarelle with people working hard in the freezing cold shadows of the ancient walls of the town.
It was way too cold for me so I hardly had the patience to stroll and look at all these cool objects and just as I had almost had enough, the Vin Brule stand was right in front of our faces! Luckily this kept us going till our glass of Barolo later on. On our walk up and down the street, we did manage to take some shots of some fun stuff that caught our eye.

Love these colors!




An awesome wood table
Warming up with Vin Brule, getting ready for my ride on my custom sized Vespa

Vin Brule is a mulled spiced red wine and was traditionally drunk by the Alpine soldiers to keep them warm and energized. Although I don’t generally like it all that much, I must say it did the job! (as did my furry hood:))

More colors and old school phones


Almost bought this for our kitchen wall but troppo caro!
The only Barolo made in Cherasco

The only thing we came home with was a charity salami which I ended up finding a week later! Which was your favorite antique of this bunch?
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