Last night some friends came over (some of the last ones we had to hand the wedding invitations to) and I decided to make some Mexican food in honor of Cinco de Mayo! The problem here in Italy is the missing ingredients and my vegetarian ways…so this is what I did.

Tortilla chips and Uncle Ben’s salsa (yes I know it’s weird that internationally Uncle Ben’s sells all the Mexican products)

Homemade guacamole with a hard Peruvian green avocado but turned out really good when i added our good olive oil!

Appetizer: Claudio’s moms roasted red peppers which I thawed and marinated in Pugliese unfiltered Olive Oil and parsley. I wanted to add garlic to it but I have realized that a lot of Italians actually don’t like garlic so much. I forgot to add our fresh basil from our terrace and wanted to add Mozzarella di Buffala which was on sale yesterday for 85 cents! beat that ! oh well .. it was still good. If the starting ingredients are genuine you can’t go wrong.

Burritos: Then I warmed up piadinas instead of tortillas because the only ones you can find here are Uncle Ben’s brand and are full of LARD.YUCK.. sauteèd up some veggies. Made mexican rice with basmati, tomato sauce and onions and a packet of Burrito spices I snagged while i was home last christmas. I mixed in some Borlotti Beans instead of pinto.. and Olè!

Condiments: Cholula hot sauce which I also brought over here from the States!

Drink: Margarita with Contreau instead of Triple Sec. Not bad. and lemons instead of limes.. okay.
Then we moved on to a Ligurian red wine called Rossese di Dolceacqua. It was surprisingly pleasant and a nice lighter red wine which you could pair with white meats or even drink at lunch time. I would like to check out a few other producers to see what they taste like.

And there you have your Italian Mexican Feast!

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