Abandoned. Deserted. Closed. No traffic. Italians stop what they are doing on Ferragosto August 15th and travel for their long summer holidays. In our case, we hung around with our friends and had a fantastic BBQ|

This time we had a Brazilian friend handle the meat! Of course we had plenty of veggies from the garden behind. Too bad they don’t grill corn here with all those stalks…

Only in Italy do they bring the beer, but also the homemade jarred peaches and fresh figs!

The best quality wine, even for plastic cups. This is an amazing winery from Barbaresco.

The rest of the gang ate meat, but I had homemade Italian “bon aptit” with fresh garden vegetables and baby artichokes made by our friends’ mom of course. I don’t think you would find these things at an American bbq! Viva Italia!

P.S. I am off to Scotland for a two week study holiday with 20 high school kids! Stay updated on Edinburg on FB:)