Pristine green fields, towering snowy mountains, wood chalets, no litter, no crime, and no problems. This is how we imagine Switzerland right? And I was enthused about driving through Mont Blanc to visit our friends Marco and Maria for New Year’s Eve this year.
They had planned three wonderful nights of meals for us and of course good wine and entertainment. A part of me however was a little curious about the city scene, “gastronomically” speaking, but as they had warned us, the prices were “astronomically” high. So it was much better to stay home and eat some homecookin’! Anyway, I was happy enough with my Swiss wine purchases;)
Not only were the prices over the top, but we were surprised at the lack of nightlife, spirit of the city and safety. Our friends’ car was even broken into down in their closed garage, one of the many thefts we heard about while there. Very surprising for a Swiss city, not at all what we had imagined. But this made it so much better to just relax and spend quality time with our friends, and not having to worry about missing out on what’s going on around you. However, the drive up, lake, and fireworks were stunning and we will definitely have to see Geneva in the summer on our next visit to this city. Here are some snapshots from our trip! Happy New Year!
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