See previous blog entry for specifics of wine tasting. What struck me was the owner of Cascina Monastero, Beppe. He brazenly reached over the crowd to give me a bottle of wine which he claimed was THE BEST! I guessed right away that he was doing propoganda for his own winery. Everyone seemed to know him so I put two and two together.

Giuseppe took care of me, filling up my glass and giving me suggestions. I have to admit his wine was one of the best. When he told me they also had an agriturismo the name rung a bell! I had put it on my wedding site as a possibility for my relatives if they wanted to stay in La Morra. Antique furniture, good wine, and pool situated in the picturesque hamlet Annunziata of La Morra.

The wine was excellent, was probably a more decently priced one there, and was one of the more memorable ones because I got to speak with the owner/winemaker. He told me a great story about how two hippies came on foot one day to his place begging for a room. His wife accepted and gave them two bikes to roam around on. After they left the agriturismo Beppe and his wife found out they were two writers from Wine Spectator!They wrote up a huge article about them and their hospitality, especially since many before them had denied these two “hippies” lodging. Great story Beppe!


After the tasting we meandered along to the side of the castle where a group of passionate astronomers set up a huge telescope. They showed us Jupiter, a perfect white sphere! I learned that planets in the night sky don’t twinkle. They told stories and entralled us with their knowledge about this mysterious subject. Did you know a huge meteorite is circling the Earth and is at risk in 2018? Live your lives to the fullest! We ended up staying there until almsot 1.30 am. but I must say it was a dreamy night!

NATIONAL INSTITUE FOR ASTROPHYSICS Astronomical Observatory of Turin

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