What happens in Italy when a restaurant doesn’t have the right change to give back to you?At one of our favorite agriturismos called Sarmore, Giovanni, the owner found himself 3 euros short of change.

But let’s rewind a bit…

After our multiple course dinner, I was thrilled to see the fruit bowl being brought out to the table. I remember this as being a tradition in trattorias from when I was little, but it happens so rarely now. Fruit at the end of an Italian meal is a MUST! Eating post-dinner fruit is one of my favorite habits that I have picked up while living here in Il Bel Paese.

sformato di cardi con fonduta, homemade gnocchi, fruit and Bracchetto

One of the highlights of the meal was actually biting into the juicy and sweet kiwis! I told Giovanni they were the best kiwis I had have ever tasted. Of course they were from his own orchard and although they were slightly wrinkly on the outside, they were perfect in the inside.

So getting back to the change, il resto, Giovanni decided to secretly meet us out in front so he could make up for it with a bag of his organic kiwis. It was like we were smuggling drugs or something. Then he disappeared and came back with a Zucca Mantovana, a special and hard to find squash/pumpkin from Mantova. This was also grown by him. I have heard these types of squash make great risottos and can’t wait to cook something up with it!

Happy with my organic kiwis and zucca Mantovana

For a great meal and the best kiwis in the world, I was happy with my change that night!

What recipe would you cook with a very special pumpkin?

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