31. Over the shock of being in my thirties, I ditched the crazy birthday party idea for spending some time with my in-laws and older Italian folk. My birthday happened to fall on a Sunday this year, so a big Italian lunch with the family goes without saying. This year we went up to the house in the mountains where we barbecued fresh vegetables from the garden and plenty of meat.

Of course there was rice salad (a summer staple in these parts) with vegetables and mint, red peppers, red peppers and more red peppers, bruschetta, cheese, and of course lots of red wine from “pintoons”. Emilia, the neighbor made me a ricotta and chocolate chip cake and a fresh plum pie. I’m going to leave you with a recipe for this light and tasty cake!

Ricotta and Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe

200g sugar, 50g butter, 3 eggs, 200g flour, 250g ricotta, 100g chocolate chips, 1 vanilla extract, 1 packet of baking powder.
1. Stir the soft butter, eggs and sugar in a bowl.
2. Add flour and vanilla extract and stir for one minute.
3. Now add the ricotta and the baking powder and mix well.
4. Lastly add the chocolate chips and mix in with a spatula.
5. Pour in a cake tin and bake at ventilated 160° for 1 hour.
Then it’s ready!