So I am getting out of theme here with this post but I had such a funny morning that I just have to write about it! With low tourist season here, I actually get some more time off and can finally do all those productive things I need to get done like marketing and research, doing odd jobs and of course housework. But the Italian lifestyle can make being efficient very difficult.8:30

Feeling sick as a dog, I crawled out of bed on my day off to get to the doctor’s office. They are only open for 1.5 hours on Fridays from 8:30-10:00 a.m.. Otherwise I would have to wait till Monday night from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Then you’ve got to get there early to fight for your place with all the elderly folk who like to go just so they can chat with other patients in the waiting room and see their doc for the millionth time in one week.

Surprisingly today no one was there except for a nicely dressed business man with his briefcase and papers out on his lap. I couldn’t help but notice him look me up and down when I walked in. It wasn’t like I was wearing stilettos and fishnets but flat boots, leggings, scarf, and beanie. Very sexy indeed! I chose the furthest away corner behind the pillar and started navigating on my cell with my iphone-functioning gloves that my brother gave to me for Christmas. I could tell he wanted to talk and complained about the lady who had been inside the room for a half an hour. By the way, why don’t they make sure the walls are soundproof so people can’t hear every word exchanged about your private health?! Anyway, I just smiled and told him we were lucky it wasn’t packed like usual.

Up he came to stand against the wall to ask if he could offer me un caffe qualche volta. In Italy I have finally learned to say no to these kind of guys and not worry about hurting their feelings.
I just smiled and replied, “no grazie”.
Man: “Peccato” (too bad)
Me: “perchè?” 
Man: “because you are really cute”

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not writing this post to toot my own horn BUT I was sick, looking dreadful, in a doctor’s office and could not believe that this Italian guy was so brazen about asking me out. As the “lady whose been in there for a half an hour” has finally left and I breathe a sigh of relief, he turns back one more time to ask, “are you sure I can’t take you out for a coffee sometime?”. I smile again and say no thank you.


All that for a 5 minute Dr.’s appointment. Walk in the rain to the tiny pharmacist to get some “fermenti lattici” which are these probiotic things that Italians love taking to settle the bacteria in your stomach and intestines. At least I think that’s what it is. The line was out the door! Again, no privacy here, just talk about your personal matters with the pharmacist as everyone else in line listens. No biggie.


It’s outdoor market morning here in Bra so I guess I should get some fresh produce. Again have to chit chat with the other elderly shoppers and farmers in the crowd. Got my blood oranges though so I am one happy lady.


See my 90+ old neighbors outside the fence, Francesca and Francesco. The cutest dancing couple in the world. Exchange a few words with them and help them with their groceries (they went to the market too) and ask if they want some fresh eggs that my husband’s family just brought us. As I bring them over the eggs, they insist on me coming in and having a coffee. I tell them I am sick and need to work but they won’t let down. Ok.


Compliment them on their birds, admire the fruit they just bought, and drink a coffee with them. They can’t believe I take my coffee black! We proceeded to look at pictures of their dancing awards, their family members, and just as I get up to go, Francesca takes my arm and says, let me just take you on a tour of our house! We go into each room, still furnished exactly as it probably was from the 70s and she says, “this is the room of sins” as she shows me the bedroom and pinches me on the cheek! I finally get out of there but deep down inside really enjoyed our moment.


Claudio is coming home and since we never have lunch together we cook up some lunch and eat which always is a long process. It is now 2:30, and I am here writing a blog about it and still haven’t gotten anything done. This is what happens in Italy!

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