WOW! What a wine! I normally opt for our Piemontese Nebbiolo, Barbera, or Barbaresco but this time we needed something a bit lighter to drink. But this Dolcetto di Dogliani was no lighter! It was rich and velvety, almost chocolately…dark intense ruby color. AMAZZZINNNNGGG

Here’s what Slow Food says about CHIONETTI San Luigi Dolcetto di Dogliani.


 “This is a one-wine estate which makes Dolcetto di Dogliani. Such is the reputation that Quinto Chionetti has acquired for his wines that commercial success would be guaranteed for any other wines he added to the production, alongside the Dolcetto crus. Nothing however could be further from his mind. Chionetti is a firm believer in “terroir”, the idea that the wine must express the land it grows on and the winemaker who creates it. And therefore his magnificent vineyards in the best site in Dogliani can only produce Dolcetto – but what a Dolcetto! Scrupulous work in the vineyard, severe pruning and traditional vinification with the help of modern technology mean that both the Briccolero and San Luigi crus are at the top of their denomination, even in off vintages. Chionetti only makes 50,000 bottles, released onto the market one year and a half after the vintage. Unusually for Dolcetto, they age well, particularly if they come from a good vintage.”
-slow food guide to wines of the world

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