This Sunday we wanted to do something fun like go to the mountains. The only problem is that we still haven’t got our “gear” yet. So we thought, “let’s change gears and go towards the sun and the beach where it’s always warmer”. We headed off around 11 and were lucky to find a parking space once we got there, something that seems unimaginable in the summer season. Unfortunately our favorite restaurant Osteria I Matetti in Alassio was full and were almost kicked out the door before we could ask any questions.

Claudio and I had a little disagreement about where to eat after our first choice was gone. I wanted to sit and have a meal outside in the 14 degree sun at a caffè. Claudio & Co. told me we could not eat fish in a bar/caffè because we would risk eating frozen meals even if at the sea.  So I had to trust the 3 Italians against the 1 American on this one and gave in to a tiny side street trattoria which was recommended by the fellow at the edicola “newspaper stand”. NOT IMPRESSED! Our fried calamari was oily and our grilled sole tasted like a charcoal pit. The wine went down like water… maybe because it was water! House white wine probably diluted?

But the rest of the day was magnificent (magnifico!). Sometimes just breathing in different air, seeing the palm trees and walking on the sand, is just what you need. The sea in the wintertime has its advantages because you can see all the beaches free of umbrellas, prices lowered and all the oranges trees lining the streets.

Alassio is a fantastic and classy town with lots to offer! I will leave you with some pics;)


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