After the piadinas and meat scene we needed some wine ASAP! Dying of heat, consequently we were dying for some white wine. The first stand we came across was
GIONA’s MALVASIA delle LIPARI from the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily!
In 10 minutes I had gastronomically gone from Emilia Romagna to Piedmont all the way to the sunny islands of Salina. Only problem is that starting of with Malvasia is not ideal since it has a sweet golden raisiny taste. Therefore I concluded it would be wiser to end up at this stand. Noting my perturbation they immediately led me to the wine cooler where they offered me a cool fresh glass of Bianco SALINA D.O.C. 

This wine is made from
80% Catarrato and 
20% Insolia. 

Catarrato was once the second most planted grape in Italy although few of us Americans may have ever heard of it! Traditionally used for marsala often now it is distilled or used for concentrates, while the Insolia gives it a more delicate and dry contrast. When I sipped this glass of Sicilian wine I could still taste strong flavors of sweet raisins and apricots. A little too sweet for my likings but a nice glass of wine and an interesting mix of flavors. I would have to come back for some Malvasia with my dessert! What really drew my attention were the huge bags of capers on the table!