Fall…It’s all about change. New jobs, new school year, new apartment, new town, new clothes and new outlook. It’s been a busy month and will get even busier due to multiple teaching opportunities and our move to Bra at last! We are so excited but I am a little scared about the work load I have taken on so blog posts will surely dwindle.So speaking of change… as Claudio and I were walking towards our car in Torino last Sunday, ready to go home and get the usual Italian pizza, we came across a Mexican taqueria called Revolucion! We were so excited to try something new and see if it could compare to the Californian Mexican cuisine I grew up on.

The warm ambience of wood tables, mexican tiles and open kitchen drew us in. So did the tortilla chips and salsa! The waiter was from Uruguary and kindly helped me out with my annoying “what type of oil do you use” questions. I was also happy to see vegetarian options available.

I chose tacos which seemed more like a quesadilla to be honest but it was still delicious. You know how I love my guac so I was thrilled to see it on the side of my “taco” too. Claudio ordered fajitas which was a large portion but as usual caused some “digestion” problems for the rest of the night. It was a little pricey for a casual “taqueria” but I am not complaining because sometimes it is worth it just for a change. I used to go to Torino for sushi to get my ethnic fix, but now I know I can find easy and fresh Mexican food too! Go get a bite there and see what you think.


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