What a year 2010… you brought me lots of ups and downs, stresses, anxieties, and frustrations… You left me without a real job, with lots of ideas but nothing concrete. 2010..HEALTH… mental and physical. Mentally I needed to give myself a break and SLOW DOWN, physically I dealt with weight issues and side effects from my anti-migraine meds. But it was a year with hardly any MIGRAINES!

The wedding day finally came…possibly the most beautiful day of my life. A reason why I will always remember 2010! Our lives started as an official married couple, meaning permits and working opportunities, and of course our HONEYMOON. Greece was a dream!

For the new year, my mind is “frullando” cranking out millions of ideas! I might get a business license, be more entrepreneurial and focus on FOOD AND WINE especially for Sovversivi del Gusto, Tourism, and organizing trips to the United States for my students…


I am starting out 2011 with the attitude that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS! We would like to buy a house and turn it into “something”. I would like to seriously get my driver’s license and start driving our new car… Who says married life is boring!? We are going to Paris at Easter, summer taking kids to the states, and who knows what else!?


share your memories of 2010 and resolutions and dreams for 2011!

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