My time working at the winery has finally come to a close. Although I would have liked to be hard-headed and shown my strength by working until the very end, we have decided it is best not to push my luck. Traditionally July and August were pretty dead months in the Langhe but this year the tourists have been flooding in like waves, one after another, leaving us with no breathing space, time to sit, eat or drink. BASTA! (note to tourists: Please don’t visit family run wineries at 12:30 – 1 pm without an appointment!)

As my belly is getting bigger and we only have 8 weeks to go, I am also holding off on my tours. After such intense months with hardly any days off, I think little Nicola needs me to take care of him and SLEEP! Now the stress of thinking about what I need for the baby is “kicking in” and I am realizing that I am way behind. The girls in my lamaz/pre-natal course are a month behind me but have already pre-ordered all their strollers, etc. Claudio and I are still debating on what colors to paint the room.
I think the baby has taken on my fast-paced rhythms because at 32 weeks he is still moving and kicking strong ALL DAY! Claudio and I are going to try to slow down with our first real summer vacation in years and a 2nd attempt at a better “babymoon”. We can’t wait to explore the Marche countryside, taste some great food and wine and relax at the beach. YAY for maternity leave!
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