As I could have guessed, I was not going to spend my fourth of July barbequeing and eating corn on the cob like I did last year when I was back in the States. After all, I was riding up in a bus to a hilltop beside Lago di Garda (Soprazocco di Gavardo) to spend the day wine tasting and eating foods produced by artisans belonging to the group Sovversivi del Gusto.

This is a book that puts these producers in the spotlight for their traditional old-style methods and respect that they have for the earth and special care they put into each and every bottle or round of cheese that they make. Most of the products can be certified as organic as a result and most of these people do it for the philosophy and not for the sales gimmick.

I was invited to this event because my wedding photographer was the photographer for this photographic enogastronomic Italian book. He has asked me to collaborate with him in trying to market this book in the US and translate a few of these peoples stories.

After months of looking at these peoples faces in the book, I finally got to meet them in person, and what personalities they had! In our group of friends and collaborators on this project there was also a Brazilian girl who spent time in Napa and Sonoma California who is now living in Torino! We hit it off and all had a great hot gluttonous day by the lake…

I suppose I can say it was an Italian version of a 4th of July, hot weather, food and lots of drinking!