This weekend was full of fun. It’s been years since I’ve gone on such a bender! June is when our local Italian softball tournament starts and I get to pitch like old times back in the States. Wednesday we won our third consecutive game while drinking beers and sometimes eating focaccia! I find myself sounding foolish yelling “due strikes, e tre balls”! Buon occhio for good eye. Great fun in any case.

Thursday night was the Italia vs. Germany game. At the end of the game we went wild and ran down into the center shaking cars, getting hit with mini bombs and waving flags. Yet another past midnight bedtime during the week.

On Friday, I knew something fishy was going on and was not surprised but flattered to find out that Claudio had organized a surprise 30th birthday party with my team at Aperitivando in Fossano. Aperitivando is a walking aperitivo with food and mini concerts out in front of all the bars. Home at 2.

Saturday was my real birthday and as I celebrated the night before I was quite relaxed about that night. No more surprises. But… Claudio threw me another surprise with a mega apertitivo and Saluzzo friends. I have to say this one really got me! We were so dripping wet from the 90 degree temps and high humidity that we could hardly eat or drink that night. But we found the strength to have a mini dance party at our apartment one last time before we move! It wouldn’t have been a fun party if the neighbors didn’t tell us to hush down right?

Sunday we spent the day in the mountains with Claudio’s family eating and drinking wine before meeting up with friends to watch the Final European Cup soccer game, Italia vs. Spain. Always a fun match-up. Even though we were the underdogs we all believed! Unfortunately they lost big time and deep down inside I was glad we weren’t going to go party downtown with the tractors and mobs because I had nothing left in me. It was fun to watch the game Italian style though with pizza, pasta and mandolins…I mean horns! At any rate it was an amazing 30th birthday weekend that I will never forget!


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