It was one of those lazy afternoons when we didn’t know what to do…

Let’s take the VW convertible and go on a drive, wind blowing in our hair… and explore a new town…You never know what you’ll find. I had the urge to go in Valle Varaita up to Sampeyre, an old ski town. To my dismay, it was a disappointing (seemed like we were transported back to the 70’s), dismal, sad, and outdated town. We went on one walk around the piazza looking at old arcade games outside mom and pop electronic shop windows and old cafès.

Heading Down: As we headed down quickly we stopped in the Brewery Boero where they actually make their small quantities of beer. I never knew that it was located here although I was very familiar with their beer. Funny that it was nestled in this woodsy run down setting. What a contrast to its top class image as its bottles are placed neatly on shelves of the highest quality gourmet shops in the province. We quickly pulled in to see what it was all about.
The Brewery: A little hesitant because of the poco denaro in our pockets and knowing the going price of artisanal beers we were consoled to see that a “media” in a plastic glass in this hole in the wall was only 2 euros! It brought me back to my college days drinking 2 euro amber ales out of a keg and then sitting on a dirty picnic bench at 4 pm in the afternoon. What a find. We spent the afternoon there having the times of our lives and enjoying our new find.

Cruising down the hill was fun and we enjoyed this amber ale much more than the walk around Sampeyre!

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