The Italian sagras (food festivals) in Fall seem to ease us into the hardcore eating sessions in December. It is all about the food and drinks now and it is just about to get even more intense. Thank god I am so busy working now at the winery in Barolo that my lunch diet is based on mandarins and crackers, allowing for some big drawn out dinners and desserts. Here are some of our food and wine experiences in the last month:)

This was my first “project” for Vajra, representing their wines at a food and wine festival in Milan called Golosaria. Their Dolcetto Coste & Fossati was named best in Italy. It has been rough working full days every day of the week, but the perks are getting free bottles of wine to take home and taste:)
Then there was the annual Porri Festival in Cervere. This tiny town near Bra is famous for their leeks! They pitch up a huge tent, set up the accordion music band and provide a blown out menu with each dish based on leeks. Snails and souffles showed up on our plates once again:)
Wintertime means lots of desserts and we are slowly making new gastro-discoveries here in our new home Bra, like “pasticcini” from a great bakery right across the street from us.
Last night we cooked tajarin with friends, a Langhe staple. Grimaldi Pasta Shop is known for making some of the best…for 100 grams of flour, they use 30 egg yolks! Actually, the pasta was so yellow it looked as if it were a curry dish! Despite the quantity of eggs, it was surprisingly light and all cut by hand. So I guess this is all just breaking us in for the next few days of pasta, panettone, wine and moscato. Stay tuned for Italian Christmas time treats and in the meantime… Happy Holidays to you all!
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