This weekend the World Rally Championship was held in “Montecarlo” and as we all know, Italian men love cars…especially FAST cars! I had never heard of the sport Rally before coming to Italy despite its English sounding name. Basically it is a race of souped up street cars which skid around the hairpin turns on Europe’s winding roads. When I heard about the event, I knew Claudio would be fired up to go which wouldn’t be so bad because I thought I could visit Montecarlo in the meantime. However, when we arrived at the town Luceram in the middle of the Maritime Alps, I realized that visiting Montecarlo was not going to happen.

I must say though, that driving through Colle di Tenda is always a spectacular site. Whenever we go towards the French Riviera we have to pass through this gorge with amazing rock faces, which is beautiful on the eyes but treacherous on the stomach. Then we stopped in Sospel, which was a quaint French Maritime Alp town. Ok… it was no Montecarlo, but perhaps a more charming place to see. I was satisfied.

The other thing I love about Rally races is that it is a good work-out! They close the streets off and so we had to walk up the steep steep mountain roads while rushing and sweating to get there before the race began. The scenery was beautiful because we were hiking through hundreds of olive trees! All in all we hiked/ran 12 km! I think driving from Cuneo through the Colle Tenda is a must while here, especially if you stop in the little mountain towns off the main street.

Ok … I guess I better mention something about the actual race, which I must admit was a heart “racing” experience. We were camped out with some friends right on the ground at the foot of a downhill curve. No barriers, no protection. So I am going to leave you with a video of the night run.

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