BORGO dei POSSERI from Ala …Trento areaGoing back to the wine tasting weekend of Sovversivi del Gusto….

After my glass of sweeter Sicilian wine my palate needed a cold dry white white. I went a-line to a one man stand with just two bottles at the table. Elegant green bottles with black labels, a single letter written on it, and glass caps instead of cork. I liked the look of it….

I overheard the winemaker talking to a taster about the American market and how it was hard to get in least  that’s what I thought…whenever I hear anything about the US I always want to chime in… so I did…and we had a lovely conversation. All Italians say that Americans have driven all the foreign markets to make wine according to their tastes…but in what way? jammier? stronger alcoholically speaking? In fact, this soft spoken kind wine maker was telling me that he wished to make his wines less alcoholic as they should be while the trend was going the opposite direction. I think I understood this!( I was disappointed with this argument:))

In any case, he only brought two whites: Sauvignon or Muller Thurgau (italian despite its german sounding name) … muller generally has more floral hints so I chose Sauvignon. OH MY GOD! It was AMAZING! This Sauvignon ROCKED MY WORLD! Maybe it was the contrast from the previous glass or the freshness on this hot summer day but this glass was the best Sauvignon that I had tried in a long time! All I can say is that it was refreshing, full and lingered with  some melon and pear in there. I asked where I could get some of this! If he was selling it? He whole-heartedly told me that he was not interested in selling that day but if he had extra bottles he would give me one! How touching!

Off I went the whole day without looking back..but this remained my the sun was going down, I felt a tap on my shoulder.. it was the winemaker…”there is no more Sauvignon left,” he said “but one bottle of Muller that I promised you”..and happily I came home that night with a fond memory of this winery and this sauvignon. I have yet to try the Muller because I am saving it for a special occasion. It may not be rated on any prestigious list anywhere but it is special to me and I would bet deserves to be!

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