This is my final post about our now distant memory of a vacation in Greece. As I may have preferred the rawness and reality of Crete, my fond memory of Santorini will always remain.THE HOTEL
Greeted right away by men in WHITE and a hug by the owner Despina, accompanied by fresh glasses of water this hotel was already exceeding my expectations. No more hostels and roughing it like in Crete. Now it was time for luxury, including our own jacuzzi on our private terrace overlooking the infinity pool and magnificant Santorini sunset…TOTAL RELAX

Breakfast on our terrace, laying by the pool…do we really want to get up and go see stuff…Well you can find luxury hotels anywhere so we might as well go say we saw something. This is when we decided to make brief visits to the two main towns Fira and Oia, both accessible by the footpath from our hotel. HOT HOT HOT… the beautiful landscape of the white buildings contrasting with the deep blue see and famous blue domes made this place unforgettable. However, the whole time we were just thinking of getting back to our nest and relaxing.

One day we took the car to explore the beaches. The Red Beach was stunning. Here the colors transformed into a copper red and black beach with huge volcanic formations reaching out into the turquiose water. We stopped again at the Black Beaches, again, famous for its volcanic sands and headed off for Santorini Wine Tasting.

I had heard about Santorini’s famous wines and especially their Vin Santo so I was looking forward to this unique experience. We stopped in the first winery Gavalas where they gave us a tour and gave us some useful information about their winemaking process. First of all, it seemed like going back in time. Very few barrels, small rustic structure and they even stomp their grapes every year for their production of Vin Santo.

I couldn’t believe it. I was also curious to know about the vineyards. I wasn’t able to see any on our island roadtrip despite so many wineries being present. The guide laughed and told me that they are the little plants that are curled into basket like formations close to the ground. This is to protect the vines from the heat and strong Grecian winds. The basket shape forms a type of microclimate for the vines. WOW! After anxiously tasting the wines I have to admit I was very disappointed. Extremely acidic but could be appreciated. I guess I am spoiled by Piemontese and Napa Valley wines and these just couldn’t compete.

Then we tried to find another and went to the Wine Museum, a little more touristy and modern. We had to go through the whole museum before we could taste the wines and when we finally got to the wine bar we got 3 mini mini mini glasses of wine that was not impressive by any means. So we came home with no bottles but with new knowledge and a fun experience!


Unfortunately our Greek honeymoon adventure came to an end. We met lots of warm and friendly Greeks who taught us how to say things like Kalimera (good morning). My husband and I left more in love than before and we didn’t even have to go far to find spectacular beaches, delicious dishes, and beautiful scenery. BACK TO TO RAIN IN MILAN a harsh re-entry!

for more santorini pics look on my picasa album

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