Thanks to our French neighbor at our campsite in Verdon, we were told that if we wanted to go to Avignon we must see St. Rémy-De-Provence. We weren’t so enthused about staying in a big city anyway, so that is exactly where we headed, passing through Luberon and going straight there. We were too late for the lavender fields:( but enjoyed the countryside views.

We did love the never-ending tree tunnels especially because they provided us with pleasant shade! Upon arriving, we stopped for a glass of bad house rosé and a giant Leffe beer while trying to figure out our gameplan. Our second attempt at finding an available pitch was successful at a campsite which turned out to be a three star semi-resort where we ended up truly relaxing and hanging out by the pool!

The second day we visited the nearby Chateauneuf-du-Pape, a famous town/wine in Southern Rhone which can include up to 14 different grape varieties. Having never tasted this wine, I had no idea where to go or what it would be like. We were lucky that most of the wineries were either all tucked in in the center or right outside the town. Since we had no internet, books or info on the place, we decided to taste a range of different producers at the many wine shops in the center. They were delicious, rich and packed with earthy and ripe fruit flavors. We bought just 3 because we couldn’t fit anything else into our car and had no guarantee of keeping them cool throughout the rest of our camping trip. We also visited the well known and beautiful La Nerthe winery and drove around admiring the pebbly and rocky soil that the grapes live in. This is part of what makes this area and wine so special!

In hindsight I would have stayed here the longest because I absolutely loved the area and especially this campsite! We paid 30 euros a night and felt like we were staying in a resort and still had plenty of wine towns to visit. I was actually liking camping under these circumstances! In fact, we even extended our stay an extra night so we could explore St. Remy better by day. Claudio tried Foie Gras (a sin!:) I found loads of international varieties of salt and pepper to grind (something I can’t find in my Italian town), saw the birthplace of Nostradamus, and were delighted with scents of lavender everywhere. Great!