Wow…Where to start with the whole wedding blog thing.. I am going to be semi- chronological about it but I am sure I will wander off with my thoughts. I think I will start off by talking about obviously all the wedding prep here in Italy for the wedding, or rather the LACK there of!

Part of my problem in planning this wedding was being caught between two worlds of expectations. I had the American side: ummm  let’s just say explified by extremes of “say yes to the dress” “bridezilla” and “rock the reception” along with my perfectionist family and my competitive attitude. Thoughts and planning spiral out of control on how to make the wedding perfect down to the last detail …it’s just part of our culture. We are taught to use websites and the checklists which stress you out by reminding you of things like if  your bridesmaids made sure everyone had matching kleenex for the ceremony. Talk about stress and deadlines and planning in advance!

Then there was the laid back Italian side: I was trying to convey my ideas and carry them out in a world where the simplest things were becoming so complicated. Claudio’s family did not stress, did not really bother asking if I needed help not to be mean but just because they probably didn’t even know the HALF of what I had on my plate! They probably thought I had the reception site picked,

the church and priest I wanted,

my dress,

and  just has to decide on the flowers (white roses like all the italians!!) and get the rings (simple gold bands!!) and that’s about it.. why would Anna be so stressed! NO IDEA!

well let’s just start with …the restaurant…