10. They tell you to come over for lunch at 10. You already get there late at 10:30 but everyone else gets there at noon!9.  They make setting up a table in the garage for 20 + people look like nothing, complete with benches, cozy chairs, silverware, and huge tubs and pots of food.

8.  You are the palest and most conservatively dressed of them all and the only one who doesn’t smoke.

7. Yelling from wife to husband across the table, and talking about personal matters out loud is just a normal way of talking.

6. The men start taking off their shirts to display all their tattoos and big bellies.

5. The women are in the kitchen making food in the garage with DYI tools. Apparently a PVC pipe is the perfect way to cut the dough for “panella” (ceci fritters).

4. Traditional Napoletano music is varied with “disco” music blasting from the car in the courtyard.

3. After hours of eating, you rest by taking a gelato break, only to then start cooking again for the second meal of the day.

2. You say you are vegetarian and they push a special rice salad in front of you, saying they made it just for you, with prosciutto and vegetables!

and the number 1 way you know you are with Southerners: As a party favor, the mom slips you two packets of spices for making Aglio, Olio e Pepperoncino pasta at home!

Viva Italia!