The Marche region is not normally first on people’s lists as a vacation destination, but I absolutely fell in love with it. Here are my reasons why:

1. The local people “Marchigiani”


The food festival volunteer on the left noticed that I was pregnant and took our food tickets and ran to get my order immediately without waiting in line! We became friends and instead of grabbing me just grilled vegetables, he generously loaded my tray with grilled meat so I could make the baby stronger. I couldn’t tell him I was a vegetarian but Claudio was happy:)
Everywhere we went in Marche, we made friends. People were so outgoing and friendly with us. We never felt like a bored couple here because we were always chatting with the people at the tables next to us, in the cafes and our nice hosts at Solebello Country House. Their accents add to the fun too!

2. The Sagras (Food Festivals)


We happened to be staying close to the 5 day festival of the wild boar papparadelle festival. We went there for 3 nights because the food was out of this world. It was so surprising to see such a huge organized event all dedicated to this local dish. Not only did they cook the fresh pasta with wild boar but offered a duck sauce, piadinas, fried fish, Ascolani olives, grilled meats and veg, and of course huge watermelon wedges! The man at the cash register recognized us on the last night and joked with us by asking whether we realized it was the last night of the sagra or not!

3. The one and only bar/cafè in the tiny town of Morro d’Alba.


It was like going back in time. The older woman behind the bar became a familiar face as we went to get our coffee in this old people’s club every morning. The local guys would sit outside and play cards, complain about politics and just sit around. Every day the woman got more and more friendly with us and even told Claudio that he needed a tan and that my belly was getting bigger. I loved this morning ritual.

4. Vino


Unlike Piemonte, wineries in Marche seem to really need help promoting their wines. Our area was known for their white Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba DOC red wine. They were much different than our wines but extremely interesting to learn about and taste! 2 great wineries we visited were Mancinelli and Ma.Ri.Ca.

5. Scenery – Sunflowers and vine-covered hills



6. The Beach



7. Seafood


Not only was the food sooo tasty everywhere you went, but the single portions were huge!!!

8. The Jamboree Summer Festival in Senigallia – American 50’s music festival


The whole town gets really into the 50s theme with old and young dancing to rockabilly music, dressing up and bringing out old classic cars. It really was so much fun and made our time spent in Senigallia a thrill (especially for people watching!).

Please support Marche and go visit them! They need the tourism and will treat you like royalty!

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