“You may have the Universe, if I may have Italy

Giuseppe Verdi

” We want you to go home with lasting memories of the Langhe and its people “


Piedmont Wine Tours & Customized Unique Food Experiences

We organize bespoke food and wine tours in Piedmont and believe in giving you a unique and personal experience here in Italy. We mainly deal with small groups and couples who are enthusiastic about food and wine and can handle an intense day of eating and drinking! The main reasons you may want to hire your own personal guide would be to relax and not worry about drinking and driving but most of all to learn about this very complex wine region. My husband or I hope to make you feel like one of the locals during our day/s together in the area. Because our tours are tailored to your wishes we can organize just about anything for you! Quality standards are so high for food and especially wine in Langhe that wherever you go, even on your own, it is hard to go wrong. But what we really want to bring to the table is, giving you the best EXPERIENCES and taking you to the people and producers who will transmit their passion and love for what they do. Our goal at the end of the day is to leave you with a lasting memory of Piedmont, its people and its products and make you feel like you have lifelong friends waiting here for you next time!

Certificate of Excellence'17

Piedmont Wine Tour: Few tips before your trip!

Piedmont Tours Configurator

Piedmont Guide with an Italian & American background

Don’t let my name deceive you! I am American with an Italian background, raised in Napa, California and transplanted to Piemonte Italy 15 years ago.

Originally an English teaching job brought me here but little did I know that I would fall in love, both with my husband and the wine in this beautiful region.

After studying and exploring this area at length, I just had to share the beauty of this unspoiled Italian region with you! Read More

We can customize multiple days of different activities and level of experiences based on your desire!