“In fine, the truffle is the very diamond of gastronomy”

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin



Truffle Hunting in Piedmont with a Real Trifolao

You can be part of one of the few authentic truffle hunts around Alba, with our private Trifolao. Black truffles can be found nearly all year round and Alba white truffles only between October through January generally speaking. There are good years and bad years mainly depending on the amount of rainfall and moisture too. Hunting with pigs is just a myth in these parts. They have always used dogs to search for the truffles with their actute sense of smell. Otherwise, we would be literally walking on a gold mine and not even know it! Dogs are smart enough to be trained and wait for the truffle hunter to get his pick out and carefully dig it out without damaging this delicate nugget. The Alba region is best known for its structured big red wines like Barolo and Barbaresco. But we can’t forget about the valuable and highly coveted Alba white truffles which draw thousands of people to the area every year. It is the same special terroir, giving us such unique wines, that generates these one of a kind funghi which can cost up to 5 euros per gram! It is not just the soil though, but numerous other factors and a bit of magic which produce these aromatic truffles.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me for any help or recommendations.

I would be happy to do it. Happy hunting!

Alba White Truffle Fair: The International Event

On weekends only during the months of October and November, you can visit the International Alba White Truffle Festival in the center of the town. There are numerous exhibitors who proudly show off their finds in glass cases. You are free to smell them, purchase them and even eat some shaved on an egg at the food stand if you like! It is a fun environment to be a part of since you can smell truffle scents throughout the streets of the city. I suggest coming towards the end of October or November when you are really sure to find local truffles. In the beginning of October, depending on the year of course, you may risk not finding as many local finds.



Although I focus more on wine tours, the demand for truffle hunt tours is so high that I often combine it with my day tours. Otherwise, if you are interested in just a truffle hunt I would be happy to help you plan it. There are many different styles of truffle hunts out there and I am sure you will find the right one for you.

A completely REAL hour long hike on steeper more rugged terrain in the woods. Normally this kind of truffle hunt takes place in the late afternoon or evening but no worries, if it is dark you will be given your own flashlight. It is a really exhilarating experience as you run after the truffle hunter and his dog while an interpreter accompanies you and explains everything you need to know about truffles along the way. The hunt takes place in a public forest where there are more competitors and your chances of finding one are less likely. It could happen that you won’t even find one truffle black or white although this is very rare. This is a really FUN hunt but is limited to 6 people max. May be joined with other couples during high season but no more than a group of 6 people total.

A very INFORMATIVE hunt with an experienced truffle hunter and translator. This walk is a nice 1+ hour walk through a truffle reserve. It is a shared private property where the tenents take care of the forest and keep it clean, and plant the right trees to help generate more truffles naturally. This makes it more likely to find truffles. Normally, one may be planted in the beginning to make sure you see how the dog works and the rest are luck! Here the hunter will explain the whole life cycle of truffles before you start walking with presentations he has made on the property. It can give you a slightly more touristy feel but if you want to take a nice long walk, partly through the vineyards and perhaps combine it with a picnic or wine tasting this can be arranged. An exclusive hunt can be arranged otherwise it could be together with a group of up to 20 people.

A very CHARISMATIC truffle hunter will explain all you need to know about truffles at his home. He is hilarious, creates a lot of suspense and even wrote a book on truffles! You will then go on a short 30 minute simulated truffle hunt with his brother. Once you get back, you will have an aperitivo with local products, some including truffles.

Max. of about 12 people , not exclusive. Prices depend on the number of people in your group and which option you choose. Truffles found are never included in the activity price but can be purchased from the truffle hunter at the day’s going rate. It is quite common to buy them and bring them to the restaurants where they can shave them on the right foods.

Transportation options

Transportation is normally included in our tours with pick up and drop off services within the Alba area. A private driver with luxury vehicle, vintage cars, 9 seater vans or buses, or self drive tours can be arranged. If you are interested in taking the train from Torino, we suggest taking a direct 45 minute train ride from Porta Nuova station in Torino to Fossano where you can be picked up. For further information about how to reach our area, please read more on this page

During high season

May-June and Sept-Nov a standard group tour may be available for 2-8 people. An English speaking driver will pick you up in an air-conditioned van in Alba and take you to a few points of interest in the Barolo area, as well as 1 Barolo winery in the morning, a casual lunch spot, and 1 more Barolo winery in the afternoon. Your driver is available to give you local insight and is a certified sommelier and tour guide. We will provide you with maps and a detailed description of the local varieties when you hop on the bus. It will be fun to share this experience with other English speaking wine lovers from all over the world. You may come home with new friends and especially new wines!