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“Thank you All for the sweetest notes”

Anna and Claudio, We want to thank you so much for the FABULOUS tour that you both provided for us while traveling in the Piedmont region of Italy.  EVERYONE enjoyed the 2 days we spent with you and we certainly hope that we will return and have another tour with you. (even though you are a UNC graduate!!!)  Continue best wishes to you both and your children.

Liz, USA

Anna’s blog and trip reviews led us to contacting her last fall. Having been on many wine tours around the world our expectations were high (France, USA, Spain, etc.). Anna took us on a well-planned tour of the Barolo region with a focus on Barolo wine. We have enjoyed many a bottle of Barolo/Nebbiolo in the past and wanted to expand our knowledge of Nebbiolo and Piedmont.

In total we visited 2 wineries that each provided a tour of their property and a healthy dose of information and history. Anna is very well read on the history of Piedmont and clearly has a good relationship with everyone she works with. This was evident during the commute between establishments and on-site. The two wineries we visited were very different in their styles and approach – very interesting to view first hand! The ‘tastings’ are not ‘tastings’ by my standards….they were full-on wine experiences. The wineries we visited were unknown to us before this trip and the owners welcomed us and treated us like old friends.

We ended up purchasing many bottles as one particular winery had exceptional valued Barolo – words that don’t usually flow together in North America when discussing Barolo. The tour with Anna also introduced us to experiences that we would not have explored otherwise. This includes towns (Novello), food (carne cruda), and wine (Pelaverga!!!). The lunch (and accompanying patio look-off) might have been one of the best in my life.

The most impressive note on this wonderful 8 hour day-trip was the amount of information we were able to soak-in. Anna had a balanced approach of learning and fun throughout the day. When attending one of the wineries, there happened to be another popular tour group visiting. There was an obvious acknowledgement among our group (my wife and another couple) how fortunate we were not to be part of that tour! No one was talking, asking questions, laughing, or even trying the snacks! They looked envious of the friendships we were building and our level of enjoyment.

After our day with Anna we spent some time touring the area, visiting wineries, and eating at the occasional restaurant. Looking back, her choice to visit fewer wineries but provide higher quality experiences was most welcome. No other self-guided winery visit matched the contrast and hands-on approach provided by her. We also now have the confidence and knowledge to walk into any wine store and purchase Nebbiolo-based wines off the shelf (and have been doing so for the last 7 months!)

Anna, thank you for being the highlight of our month in Italy – we will be back soon.

Kiran, Canada

“It was a great day. Claudio did an excellence job, he gave us lots of good info and a great experience. Thank you very much. The two wineries were very nice and the second winery was a unique experience.
In regards to the wineSkins, don’t worry about it, we’ll get it next time or you can bring it to Israel 🙂 Have a great weekend.”
Shlomo Israel

“Just wanted to convey to you both what a wonderful time we had yesterday touring with & tasting. Only wish we could do it again. We leave Torino tomorrow & head to Paris to have yet another adventure but will remember yesterday as a highlight of what we call our “Grand European Excursion”. We will be in touch once we arrive back in Seattle. Congratulations one more time on the arrival of beautiful Stella Marie, you are a lovely family. So happy to have met you. Kindest regards”
Polly & Mike USA

“Chris and I wanted to thank you for the most amazing wine tour yesterday. We will certainly never forget this experience. We can not wait to share our experiences and the wonderful wine we bought with our family and friends and tell then how amazing Piedmont is.”

Michelle, NY USA

“You have done an excellent job being our tour guide and I can tell you and your husband have so much passion in the way you express Italian wine, the story behind it, the process of growing them, cultivating and finally bottling them. I appreciate your knowledge and skills that you shared with us which I knew nothing before coming on this trip. Wishing you a great success on your business and congrats in advance for the new addition in your family. Hopefully, we’ll connect again in the future.”

Leeh, California

Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for the wonderful day you gave us. ..  as I have said on TripAdvisor too.(Sumac2010) Maintaining your 5 star rating!More than most I know the work and planning and pressure that goes into your role as guide and building your company. …  you do it superbly. And on so little sleep! Congratulations on everything you have achieved and best wishes for the future. I will certainly recommend you to wine-loving friends headed your way. Now all I need to do is work out who to share our Barolo with! All the best for the rest of the season and your US visit, and grazie mille for a fun and memorable wine day, cheers!

Sue and Richard, New Zeland

“I wanted to let you know Geoff and I had a great time in the cooking class and we loved your husband!  I wish we would have been able to meet as I think we have a bit in common.  I didn’t realize you went to school at UNC, I actually went to Appalachian State – it’s  small world for sure.  I hope everything is going well with your new baby and I hope our paths cross in the future. Sincerely”

Julie NC USA

“I would lke to thank you once again for the great tour on last Monday; it was such a blast. All the visits were fabulous but I especially loved tasting & having chance to talk to Mr. Voerzio the most! It was a bit difficult to pick one among three though 😉 Thank you so much for making my holiday so special and hope all the best with your family.”

Ahra, South Korea

“A very special thank you to you both for a fabulous two days! We enjoyed the wine tastings and learning about the wines! We know more than when we arrived but have more to learn. And the truffle hunt … awesome! We have been on tours before with knowledgeable guides but going with Claudio was like spending time with a friend. For that we are most grateful.“

Mary , Virginia

“First of all, thank you so much for such a wonderful day on Monday and for your incredible energy, especially considering how sick you were!! Hopefully you’re feeling better by now. The day you put together was so unique and special, and was exactly the kind of experience we were hoping for – but didn’t even know was possible!”

Marianna, NJ USA

“Thanks for a great tour the other day.  We had a wonderful time.  The kids keep talking about how fun it was, which is difficult to pull off.”

Mike, Conn. USA

“We just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for putting together such an awesome trip for us. We were sad to not get to meet you, but we couldn’t speak more highly of how wonderful Claudio was as a replacement. We had such a great time with him and really enjoyed having him share his knowledge in addition to what we were learning from the winemakers. We couldn’t thank you enough for putting together such a great itinerary targeted to our interests. The breakdown of days was perfect for getting to know the differences in the two sides of Barolo and getting a day in Barbaresco. We also really appreciated the mix of winemakers you introduced us to. All in all it was truly a unique experience and exactly what we were hoping it would be and more. We have both raved about the trip to others since getting home and I passed along your information to one of my bosses at work who is a wine enthusiast and likes to do similar types of wine-focused trips. I know we still have some details to work out in terms of shipping wine. We will likely ship to Brian’s office as alcohol shipments in the US typically require signature upon receipt and we don’t have a doorman in our apartment. I’ll let him follow up with those details. Let us know if there is any other information you need from us to finalize the shipment on your end. Hope you all are continuing to do well with the new addition to your family and thank you so much for organizing the trip and giving up Claudio for a few days so he could join us. The attention you gave to this made this a truly unforgettable experience. Best”

Lauren NY USA

We will remember our time together with much fondness, cannot thank you enough for so much care and all the best memorable winery visits and on top of that your huge spirit!  Will definitely stay in touch with you.”

Heather, Australia