• MORE E MACINE- relaxed, modern yet rustic atmosphere. Great place for lunch, a quick plate of pasta or antipasti.
    • PER BACCO– best pizza ever. Napoletana style, long wait, a bit expensive but worth it!

    • “La Terrazza” da Renza: fantastic outdoor seating with view of the vineyards.


    • LA CASA SARACCA- Amazing setting, carved into rock, with an incredible wine list! A MUST!
    • ENOTECA REGIONALE– An intimate and cozy atmosphere downstairs in the cellar. Brick vaulted ceilings and walls, fresh ingredients, and friendly flexible service. They had a vegetarian menu for me with “pinzimonio”, cheeses, risotto al barolo, and grilled veggies. Buonissimo cibo e buonissimi vini!
    • IL RISORGIMENTO – Hilarious waitstaff and owner, simple real trattoria, no frills food but delicious. Homemade pasta and reasonable prices. 20 Euros/person for 1 antipasto, 1 pasta, dessert and house wine.
    • SALFOOD PIZZERIAQuality ingredients, and beautiful decor. This new pizzeria is a HOT SPOT! Three stories high, each with a different look, didn’t stop them from being completely full last Saturday. The pizza was very well priced. The beer and wine list were excellent for a pizzeria although they do serve first and second dishes.
VAL MAIRA: San Damiano Macra (Lotulo)
  • La Canonica: Famous for there number of dishes, Occitana cuisine, and tough waitress! A must do if in the valley and if you want quantity AND quality. I ate things here that I had never tried before like boiled potatoes with warm Toma and garlic aioli. Beautiful outdoor garden overlooking the valley in the Summer.
    • Terra Gemella – vegetarian options, interesting dishes, km0, homemade food
    • Quattro Stagioni – an upscale pizzeria/restaurant in old town Saluzzo. Beautiful outside patio for summer dining. Pizzas are a little pricey but they are well done and offer gluten free options.
    • Porti Scur – Interesting menu and reasonably priced. A nice atmosphere! I loved the baccalà mantecata
    • SICOMORO -Would definitely recommend this upscale pizzeria. Right off Via Garibaldi in downtown Torino. I was immediately impressed by its modern decor and efficient service. You would think that a place like this would be hard on your wallets, but surprisingly the prices were extremely reasonable! The pizza was a thicker style but maintained its crispy bottom and doughy crust. Cooked just right. They have a menu of the day offering fresh and seasonal specialties like Burrata with lettuce, lemon and bacon! High class and satisfies your soul! LOVED THIS PIZZERIA!
    • SUSHITO (next to SICCOMORO and owned by the same people)Small, modern and intimate, Sushito was the perfect choice for our sushi cravings this Saturday. Although the rice wasn’t the softest, their rolls were quite creative. One that we had, included mango on the outside. It was delicious! The service was great and we made friends with the tables around us… mediocre sushi but a fun Italian twist in a modern atmosphere!