Even though I had never heard of this wine before living in Italy, it seems like an old friend by now. During my European Wine Bloggers Conference #EWBC trip to Brescia this October, we tasted many Franciacorta wines (made by Champagne Method) and learned all about them. My favorite of the whole trip was Cà Del Bosco‘s Annamaria Clementi which is an icon wine known for its incredible refinement on yeasts (at least 7 years!) and grapes coming from only the finest crus.

On a low budget, it can be hard to try these sophisticated wines often. However, last Friday night we were in for a surprise. Our friend brought over a bottle of the Cà Del Bosco Cuvée Prestige (75% Chardonnay 15% Pinot Nero 10% Pinot Bianco). We anxiously popped open the bottle and let the bubbles flow down the side of the glass! Immediately we felt both elegant and energized…it is amazing how Franciacorta can do that with just one sip.
Courtesy of Franciacorta Consorzio
I tried to test my skills and smell the wine. All I could get were faint aromas of yeasty bread which seems obvious when you consider its aging of 28 months on the lees. But once it touched my lips, and tickled my mouth, the flavors of raw almonds and honey came through. Just as this wine makes you feel rich like its flavors, it also has that freshness and pizzaz to balance it out. I didn’t want it to end and savored it throughout our vegetarian meal.
Courtesy of Franciacorta Consorzio
Despite producing over 1 million bottles a year, Cà Del Bosco maintains the highest quality and works hard to use the most innovative equipment to keep its standards high. Unfortunately I missed the day trip to this winery but heard it was well-worth the visit! Cà Del Bosco is easy to find in wine shops and this bottle is about 25 Euros making it perfect for special occasions or when you just want to feel fancy! Happy Holidays! Cin Cin!
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