This Friday we picked our friends up from the airport and couldn’t wait to show them around Torino. It was probably less impressive for them since they live in such elegant cities like Paris and Luxemburg but its sophisticated architecture and edible delights are still pretty majestic!

Normally Claudio and I go to the Quadrilatero area in Torino for its nightlife and epic aperitivos! Well I guess it wasn’t such a good idea to go there during the day because we couldn’t find any cute cafès with sunny outdoor seating. We settled for “bar” type microwaved pasta and veggies with very convenient prices and found the strength to move on with our day. As soon as we got to Piazza Vittorio Veneto we found tons of perfect lunch spots! Too bad…next time lunch in the square!

We were all pretty beat, so we definitely needed a pick-me-up. One of Torino’s most famous historical gems is Caffè Mulassano. I had walked by it so many times but never paid attention to it. While looking it up, I found out that this tiny “bar” is more than 100 years old and was a popular meeting place for the Savoia Royalty. Another fun fact is that the “tramezzino” sandwich was invented here! It may seem like a stuffy old-fashioned caffè but you can go at any time of the day for a coffee and take a step back in time! When I saw the dripping water, ornate decorations and colorful marble, I felt like I was in some old ancient Roman spa. A fun place to check out.

We mostly just walked around, admired the architecture and of course got a Grom ice cream where it originally started. Again, Torino is known for its gelato, chocolate and coffee so there are plenty more places to discover!

I love Torino and can’t wait to try another one of its historical caffès!

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