“Fuori è un mondo fragile
ma tutto qui cade incantevole come quando
resti con me” Subsonica
“The outside world is fragile
but everything here becomes enchanting when
you’re here with me”
Friday night, at Collisioni music/book festival, Barolo became enchanting, magical and alive like I had never seen it before. Cars lined up along the winding vineyard roads, flickering lights with the castle reigning over the stage, we soon were swept away as Subsonica rocked on stage with their electro-funky rock music. Hours of jumping, singing and letting loose. Riding home on our scooter in the cool breeze at 2 am seemed like a dream.
“The power to dream / to rule 
to wrestle the world from fools 
it’s decreed the people rule 
it’s decreed the people rule 
I believe everything we dream 
can come to pass through our union 
we can turn the world around 
we can turn the earth’s revolution 
we have the power 
People have the power …” Patti Smith
People from all over Europe, people who brought a certain diversity to Langhe, hippies at heart, both old and young united for a this festival, amassing a flaring energy of positivity and inspiration.

Collisioni was like a drug, how could we keep ourselves away from this manifestation. Saturday, bright blue sky and cars parked all the way to La Morra, we saw everything from tiny rock bands, guest speakers, comedians, authors sharing their art. We gathered at the food stand to eat quality “street food” like piadinas from Emilia Romagna, farinata cooked in wood-burning ovens, and even mini portions of carne cruda (piemontese specialty of raw meat). We met old and new friends, shared stories and even watched the Patti Smith concert with fellow Abbruzzesi who knew the exact little town where my relatives were from! From rocking out and swaying to Patti Smith, we got in our 10 minute fix of Claudio Coccoluto’s electronic dj set. It was a peaceful collision of ideas, sounds and people. Second scooter ride home at 3 am, full of adrenaline.


Sunday was spent up in the peaceful mountains with Claudio’s family where we napped in the sun, regaining our strength from the two intense days of emotions. As I lay in the sun like a karma chameleon with my hair blowing in the wind, I imagined myself in Barolo again that night, rocking out to Boy George and hearing legendary Bob Dylan last night. Thank you Barolo and organizers of this amazing event and a great line-up! Can’t wait for next year…


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