One of my favorite books is Eat Pray Love and naturally I love the Italy part “eat” the best. As I was struggling through my 4 day detox diet this week, this part of the book came to mind:
“I mean, when am I going to do my yoga stretches? Before my Italian speedball breakfast of chocolate pastries and double cappuccino? Or after? ( )…I would gamely roll out my Yoga mat every morning but found I could only look at it and laugh ( ) … “Ok, little Miss Penne ai Quattro Formaggi… let’s see what you got today.”
“I’ve decided that Rome and yoga don’t have anything in common at all. Except for the way they both kind of remind you of the word TOGA.”
This is exactly how I feel when I tackle my twice a year detoxing challenge. It is hard enough to follow in California…but in Italy… Come on! There are just too many tasty temptations. It is a true test of will power, especially when your in laws specially buy fresh mozzarella di bufala (my favorite thing ever!) and you have to literally keep your mouth shut and pass the ball on to someone else! Here is the challenge:
Morning: a huge glass of warm lemon water and just fruit until 12. 
Italian Morning: a cappuccino, brioche and fruit after lunch and dinner.
Lunch and Dinner: No carbs (gluten), no dairy, no meat, no caffeine, no sugar, no salt, and of course no alcohol!
Italian Lunch and Dinner: This is all pretty much insane compared to the Italian diet. The list of carbs could go on, mozzarella mozzarella and more mozzarella, at least 3 coffees a day, mother in-law’s homemade holiday desserts, and of course lots of WINE! 
The only possible way Italy could facilitate this diet is by following the rule of no packaged foods. This is really easy when everyone grows their own seasonal fruits and vegetables, and when you have a mother in-law who washes and prepares all the fresh lettuce in a baggy for you.
We also went to a fantastic hot springs spa in Acqui Terme Piemonte where we got mud treatments and took advantage of the same therapeutic vapors and water that the Romans used!
After all the headaches and pain, I am feeling re-energized and refreshed, and … ready to get my hands on a pizza soon!
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