As much as we all want to be as healthy as possible, especially me, sometimes you just feel the need for some fried food. Since poor Claudio has to constantly adapt to my vegetarian diet, detoxes, and daily lemon water, sometimes when he sees something really greasy on a menu, the temptation is just too strong. In fact. last Saturday he was immediately drawn to the traditional dish, FRITTO MISTO PIEMONTESE. 

This is another food that one would not normally attribute to typical Italian food. Your fried calamari and fish, maybe, but fruit, frogs and funghi no! In the fritto misto “piemontese style”, you usually take your pick from a LARGE variety of fried foods on a giant size platter when you are eating with a big group. The first time I ever ate it was up in the mountains where they brought trays out in different orders. First there was the vegetables, then the meats, then the fruits and sweets. I must admit it was quite a site and a shock to the arteries. The traditional platter includes:
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Rack of lamb
Pigs feet
Sometimes sausage
All kinds of seasonal veggies especially porcini mushrooms
Semolina, (like sweetened cream of wheat cubes)
And anything else lying around the kitchen!
Unfortunately since I am allergic to peanut oil, Claudio and I rarely indulge in this… well… I guess you could say… guilty pleasure? However, I do love its old school flavor and was happy to see it on the menu at a new restaurant we tried in Bra called Garibaldi. The good thing was, that he was able to order it as a single portion and although Claudio said it was good, it was just too much after a few bites. I guess I won him over with my healthy ways…good boy!
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