I guess I have left out some important info on my blog about what is new around here. Nope…not pregnant! But something nearly just as exciting for a wine lover like me, I have started the Associazione Italiana Sommelier course here in Italy!

Through meeting winemakers at the recent Moscato event, I found out that there was actually a AIS course starting literally 5 yards from my apartment in Bra. My zero alcohol limitation on my Italian driver’s license wouldn’t be a problem and the late Wednesday night session was absolutely perfect! Luckily Claudio totally supports me and despite an elevated cost, told me to go for it…yet another step towards my dreams.
Quite intimidated as I walked into my first lesson, I was even more so when I saw so many people all dressed in Somm suits.  Whenever you walk into something new, into a room full of people, it’s natural to feel a bit insecure but I spotted one free chair in the front row and new it was mine. I had never been such a “geek” until now, and partly sat there so I could read the slides and pay close attention.
After the first lesson I actually felt like I knew much more than I had thought, and have realized that although I am not working in the vineyards first-hand, my experience in the tasting room in Barolo is paying off. Now I have even got my own wine briefcase, with wine glasses inside!
Up to now we have learned the more technical aspects about enology and viticulture which means my worst subject, Chemistry!!! and in ITALIAN! But it is all worth it for the three glasses we blind taste test at the end of the night and the tasting techniques we will work on this week. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed and palate fresh to pass the exam of the first level in June! Then I can talk like a true sommelier:)
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