We could have gone to the beach this Sunday but we opted for further Langhe exploration as work investment with our VW beetle! The destination this time was Neviglie, a tiny town of about 400 inhabitants in the land of Barbaresco. I had some trouble driving the stick shift up these steep and winding roads so Claudio had to take over on 3 different occasions. The moral of the story is to rent an automatic if you are in the area!

After a “slow” start, we found our way to the minuscule town center which seemed absolutely dead. So we looked for a picnic spot, set up some benches, opened up a bottle of wine and enjoyed the view. We drank Dolcetto because it is perfect for casual situations with simple food like salami and cheese. We grabbed the bottle I bought when I was in Diano D’Alba by Claudio Alario Costa Fiore 2011 and were extremely happy with this choice. I am now officially obsessed with this Dolcetto and can’t wait to visit the winery and buy it by the case!


After some wine and homemade paninis we met up with our new friends Valerie and Evan for the Summer Festival in the center. All it took was about 5 minutes to look around the various jewelry stands, local crafts and even a haute couture crochet barbie outfit stand and we were done!

When you run out of things to do in Italy, the only solution left is to eat and drink! So we hit up the bakery stand where they were serving fresh homemade cakes with coffee and tea. We got coffees and our friends got the fig cake. The daughter was serving them in front of their charming little old building in the center which her parents used as a B&B and small winery/cellar.

With not a lot of options left to do we asked if we could kindly take a tour of the place and taste some of their wines. The mom made the cakes and took care of the place while the dad was the winemaker of this garagiste 25 acre or so Barbaresco winery.

At first, Sergio was a little hesitant to bring us down and open up bottles (we found out later they were serving them in the piazza in town) but soon warmed up and even showed us his cellar from the 17th century! Afterwards we became best buddies and bought a few of his bottles to bring home. What seemed like a nothing day turned out to be full of fun discoveries! There is not much in Neviglie but good views and good Barbaresco which is enough for me!

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