A nice new addition to La Morra. This restaurant is called Locanda Fontanazza and I loved the easy going attitude here as we dined out on the patio overlooking the wine valley. We decided to spend a lazy Sunday eating a good Piemontese style lunch with our friends Rich and Allegra.

The menu was interesting with some traditional staples, as well as some fresh ideas and seasonal produce. After eating the off the menu caponata, I became utterly obsessed with this dish and have been seeking it out in all the gastronomias around. As soon as I have the time, I am going to venture into making my own. You know a dish is good when you are still thinking about it and craving it weeks later. My following gnocchi with lemon and zucchini was tasty and light too.

I think the area here really needs more places like this. It gives you that nice relaxed feel to dine in while offering up some fresh and light a la carte options. The wines are all local…and I mean local…mostly from the town La Morra itself.

Even the coffee served in little “mokas” was a cute idea and a nice way to end the meal! This is a great spot for a beautiful lunch out on the patio.

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