Before leaving for my Scottish adventure I wanted to have a nice romantic dinner with my husband in Langhe and load up on good food! So we chose Osteria del Vignaiolo in La Morra.The outdoor patio was very cute and intimate and despite the tiny gravel parking lot in front, we had a great view of the Barolo hills. The staff was extremely friendly and helped us sort through the extensive wine list. What I loved the most, was seeing local families and friends coming to eat here.

The menu was quite limited but seasonal and I am sure it could please anyone. We chose a quail antipasto in a parmigiano cheese cup, eggplant and cheese tart, sea bream and duck main courses. We were struck by the attention to detail like the aperitivo tasting plate to start the meal as well as fresh green grapes and cookies to finish off the meal. All this made it even harder to adjust to the scottish overload of white bread, butter and cheese!