This Gemma lady must be famous around here because lately I have heard her being named constantly! For one of the best authentic, homestyle Piemontese trattorias, a visit up to Roddino in Langhe is a MUST! I had been meaning to go there but when I saw the menu online, I realized every dish on the lengthy menu included meat:( But since we had some relatives visiting their relatives from Roddino, the family took us to… where else but to Gemma’s!

It was a Sunday night and the place was packed. Apparently you have to book a table way in advance if you want to get in on the weekends. It was no problem for them that I was vegetarian and they found me last minute solutions as best as they could. Here is the menu:
Homemade salumi
Vitello tonnato
Insalata russa
(Grilled eggplant for me)
(Celery, walnut and cheese salad for me)
Carne crudo (raw meat)
Then the “primi” came out. She is famed for her homemade pasta dishes. She even gathers the elderly women in town during the week, to make ravioli and other fresh pastas as a social event. Guess what kind of pasta they served? Of course…
Tajarin al ragu
(Plain Tajarin with olive oil for me) and even plain it had so much taste!
Agnolotti filled with vegetables and meat
and for those who still had room for the meat dishes…
Roasted something rather;)
Then, in spite of feeling like you are going to explode at this point, it was time for the culmination to it all… the homemade desserts, enough to feed an army!
Panna Cotta
It was a wonderfully warm and cozy environment, and I smiled as I saw sweet looking “nonnas” working in the kitchen, washing dishes, serving the tables and cooking! It’s always more and more difficult to find that nowadays. Even though the menu was nothing of a surprise, everything was made with love and care and you could taste the pure goodness of the food. Claudio always says if you don’t burp a lot afterwards it means the food didn’t have a lot of “porcheria” in it is therefore easy to digest:) If you are looking for a truly genuine Piemontese style trattoria, Da Gemma is definitely worth it! They were also very understanding with me and charged me half the price at 15 Euros. A total treat!
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