Well, a few weeks later, here I am again back to blogging and with lots to talk about! We have settled into our new apartment in Bra, not a seemless, push-up or strapless but the Slow Food capital city of Bra. The more expansive city gives me a sense of freedom and curiosity and even though they say it is more polluted, I ironically feel like I can finally breathe. I’ve even been impressed about how nice everyone seems! I haven’t been able to blog due to our lack of internet and my parents’ long awaited visit just in time for this transition. I am so happy that we were able to explore Bra and surroundings together as a family this week.

We’ve already found our favorite spots here in Bra in such little time! My favorite bar for coffee and croissants is the famous Converso Caffè where Carlo Petrini hangs out. It is old-fashioned but has a cool vibe about it. Obviously they make great coffees and pastries too!

Our favorite restaurant so far is Osteria Murivecchi which I have already written about. The ambience is cozy and the staff is friendly! The best part for me is that you can actually find gnocchi with all different types of sauce which is not as easy as you think here in Piemonte. I got tomato and my dad got “salsiccia di Bra” ragu. A nice change!

The owners, the Ascheri family also produce their own wine and have a very luxurious hotel behind the restaurant. Prices are reasonable especially their great wines like Nebbiolo, a 12 euro steal! Stay tuned for more Bra discoveries…


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