When I think of eating snails, the first thing that comes to mind is…”EWWW!” and then France. Well, suprisingly here in the province of Cuneo they are very into eating them! In fact, this weekend in the town of Cherasco, they even had a festival dedicated to these slimy creatures. You can’t escape snails around here, whether you see them used as the Slow Food logo or see them on your plate! I personally prefer Cherasco’s other delicacy which are called Baci di Cherasco, a rich chocolaty hazelnut cookie.

Anyway, there was the usual marching band but very few stands with snail related items. I guess you had to go there if you wanted to eat the big snail themed lunch. It was sold out!




Snail frittata with cherry tomatoes
Warm snail skewers
Snails with shells in Mediterranean sauce
Snail risotto
Special variety of snails cooked Savona style
Salad … (no snails!)
Fruit salad (I definitely hope no snails!)


Without a doubt, this was not my scene but I did enjoy seeing the different types of snails on display and various products like snail syrup. Italians say that the slime is the best way to get rid of ulcers because of its special properties, but the catch is you have to eat them alive and leave their “bava” track in your stomach! Super EWWW! My husband told me that the best way to eat snails is to put them in cold water and heat it up until they boil. When the ill-fated snails feel the warmth they start to come out. Claudio says this favorite way is the simplest: take them out of the shell, dip them in some vinegar, add a bit of salt and swallow them up! Poor little critters.

What are your thoughts on snails? Do you know any other ways of eating them?


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