Another beautiful and crisp day in front of us and no set plans, my family and I decided to go get some wonderfully smelly cheese at Giolito in Bra and some fantastic breadsticks from a local bakery. Our first destination was La Morra’s Lebanese Cedar Tree, a symbol of love, history and nobility.

After admiring the tree, we realized there was no place to eat our cheese, and our stomachs were impatiently growling. Also wanting to show them the other famous nearby landmark, the colored Chapel of Brunate we set off down the windy road in hopes of a bench there. I had already gone there once with my friend Maria last Spring, and was happy to see it got a paint job recently! Impressed with the colors and view, we feasted on our goodies and wanted to continue our adventure in La Morra.

To make us feel better about our cheese binge, (my family never eats lunch) we decided to take an unexpected trail through the vineyards. The sun was incredibly warm and the grapes left on the vines were deliciously sweet!

We found ourselves literally in the middle of nowhere and stumbled upon a luxurious resort called Palais Cerequio and had a look around. This was a great find! Unfortunately the walk back to the car was up a torturously steep hill. I guess we burned that cheese off…

Actually there are 7 trails in La Morra right through the vineyards (and prestigious Crus for Barolo) where you can feel just like this old man bonding with the vines. I guess I will have to wait till spring to do that because they are calling for snow tomorrow!

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