With my birthday being yesterday and all this delicious summertime artisanal gelato tempting me, I have created a list of desserts you often find on local menus in the Langhe area. Which one would you choose?#5 – Bunet (boo – NET)

A type of pudding which the “nonnas” likes to make. The main ingredients are amaretti cookies and cocoa. Fun fact: Bunet, like the word bonnet is the last thing you eat and the last thing you put on before you leave the house. This dessert was served for the nobility in the 13th century!


#4 – Meringata

One of Claudio’s favorite desserts. Meringhe was actually invented by a Swiss baker with Italian origins in the 18th century and was a big hit with all the ladies. Although it doesn’t trace back to Piemonte, it is very often found on the menus with the very local delicacy HAZELNUTS! The crunchy and nutty meringhe contrasts nicely with the rich whipped cream filling.


#3 – Torta di Nocciola con lo Zabaione di Moscato

Traditionally speaking, this was a farmer’s food. With leftover hazelnuts in the winter from the August harvest, the local people would use the nuts to make delicious cakes for the holidays!


#2 – Panna Cotta

One of the most well known Italian desserts in the world, panna cotta is thought to have Piemontese origins. Often times it is served with fruit in the summer or caramel sauces in the winter.


#1 – Pere Martin Sec al vino

One of my favorite desserts! This tiny small but robust pear is much easier to eat baked or poached with wine to soften them up. Sometimes you can even find them spiced and cooked in Barolo!


Which one would you choose? To be honest I would take a huge cheese platter to finish off my meal:)

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