Ok, so after our wine slump, we were due for a wine comeback! Luckily we tasted some superb wines the last week of Christmas break, and these were all “given” to me. Go figure!#1 Giacomo Bologna “Braida” Grignolino: In the shadow of the big boys here in Piemonte, Grignolino is a traditional grape which is light fun and fruity. This had a cranberry pomegranate aroma and taste with some field herbs. On the palate it was light bodied, fruity with a slight bitter finish. Our new sommelier friend brought us this treat one very foggy night. A wonderful surprise!

#2 G.D. Vajra N.S. Della Neve Metodo Classico Rosè: Yes a Brut Spumante made from Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir! From their love for French champagne, the Vajra’s decided to make their own sparkler which hit the spot with our sushi on New Year’s Day. Fine perlage, light salmon color and round and smooth but with the perfect touch of fruity zing and acidity. This was a hit with the crowd!

#3 Fine Del Mondo: Cascina I Carpini: My parents told me I was crazy when I started talking about the Mayan calendar and the apocalyptic end of the world many years ago. But the superstitious Italians were pretty into it way in advance. One winemaker and friend, Paolo was even crazier and made his own wine according to both the lunar and Mayan calendar. Seeing how incredibly healthy the fruit was on some of the 80+ year old vines in 2007, Paolo came up with a way of turning it into a wine that was really special. There would be no technology used and only the greatest care in making this Barbera. Every part of the process respected old traditions by not using any machines, not even for de-stemming, pressing, or bottling! It is said that Barbera peaks at about 5 years, which would be exactly 2012, The “fine del mondo”. With only 100 magnums made in 2007, I was lucky to have one. I had actually been looking forward to the end of the world, simply to take part in this experience. Although I didn’t open it on 21.12.2012 we decided to open it with the right company, which happened to be on NYE. We decided to start the new year out right with friends in Geneva. This time after all this waiting, it finally lived up to my expectations, and even exceeded them.  As the Italians say when describing something amazing… it was “il fine del mondo” (out of this world)!


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