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Get your tapas out, Spanish music on, and latin lover side of you ready…



Gran Vi Català
By Ivo Pages
Area of production: Cadaqués, Catalunya SPAIN
Grape varieties: Carignan, Ull de Lleòbre, Grenache noir, Macabeo blanc, and more!
Bottles produced a year: approx. 4,000
Personal Significance:

I met Ivo the winemaker a few years back at my first European Wine Bloggers Conference (#EWBC)in Brescia, Italy. He instantly caught my attention at the BYOB dinner and struck me with his warmth and charisma. At first, I couldn’t quite understand where he was from because he was fluent in several languages, was pouring Spanish wine and speaking knowledgeably about Bordeaux.

Well here is the answer: He is Catalonian, spent many years all over Europe making wine, especially France where he gained the wisdom to make fantastic wines! Coming back to his homeland in Catalonia, he made the best wine he could from the land in Cadequés. He loves blending local red and white grapes just like they do for Chateauneuf Du Pape This is definitely new to me on all fronts.

Tasting Notes: I was enjoying this wine so much, that I didn’t want to get too analytical about it all. 

Color: Dark purple, intense, opaque
Nose: Smoky, Dried Fruit, Raisins, Stewed plums, dried plump cherries
Palate: Full-bodied, smooth with an incredible FRESHNESS and balance.
Pairs well with: Any mediterranean food, red tuna, BBQ, grilled veggies, lebanese cuisine
Score: A-

For more info check out Ivo’s blog.

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