Today was a new experience for me, which happens rarely after 6 years of living here. I had to go button shopping!

Thank god for the “dressmaker’s paradise”! This is an odd funny little store which came in handy for two things here..

1) when there was no other option for bringing up wedding bands besides using a frilly little cushion thingy for our wedding. When the church said I had to have one, I was clueless! Where do you buy something like that here? An old woman pointed me to the PARADISO DELLE SARTE (the dressmaker’s paradise)!

2) Today I needed buttons to replace on a coat of mine. Where else but this dressmaker’s paradise!? (sorry i just love the sound of that) All kinds of buttons! Too bad I didn’t have the guts to take a picture inside.

I found out that this kind of specialized store is called a “merceria”. Then I started wondering what in the world would this kind of store would be called in English? It was different than an arts and crafts store… after all, they sold a bunch of bras too! Well thanks to word reference I discovered that it was a HABERDASHERY! Another great word! But what exactly is a haberdashery? A dealer in small articles for sewing like BUTTONS, zippers and ribbons!

I loved this haberdashery dressmaker’s paradise experience this morning!

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